Our goal is to improve treatment efficacy and limit drug toxicity in hard-to-treat diseases.

About Us

HitchBio leverages red blood cells as drug carriers to deliver diverse therapeutics to target tissues.

Current Drug Delivery Challenges

Traditional drug administration results in <1% of the therapeutic reaching the target organ

  • Large systemic dosing needed for efficacy

  • Healthy organs exposed to toxic doses

AAV gene therapy is limited by neutralizing antibodies, compromising efficacy

  • ~15% of the population has existing neutralizing antibodies, eliminating potential candidates from gene therapy-based, life-saving therapy
  • Current gene therapies are limited to a single dose, after which recipients develop neutralizing antibodies and cannot receive another AAV-delivered gene therapy

Our Science

Collect RBCs from universal donors.

“Hitchhike” therapeutic molecules to RBCs to direct intravascular delivery to target organs and evade circulating neutralizing antibodies.
Following delivery, unmodified, carrier RBCs return to circulation  while therapeutic molecules remain in the target organ.


Tissue-Directed Therapies

”Hitchhiked” drugs administered intravenously travel with venous blood return to the heart and are subsequently pumped through pulmonary arteries to the lung.  In pulmonary capillary bed, shear forces remove the therapy from the RBC carrier, resulting in drug deposition in lung tissue and limited systemic distribution.

We are developing lung-directed hitchhiked therapies to address primary pulmonary disorders and primary and metastatic lung cancer.

AAV affixed to RBCs

gene therapy

AAV-gene therapies ”hitchhiked” to red blood cells evade neutralization by circulating antibodies.  This approach allows for re-dosing potential of gene therapy as well as organ targeting.

HitchBio develops RBC-delivered gene therapies in partnership with gene therapy manufacturers.  For more information and partnering opportunities, please contact info@hitchbio.com

our team


HitchBio is dedicated to improving treatment options for people with hard to treat diseases. We value all members of our team, diverse backgrounds and perspectives and advancing exciting science.

For more information and career opportunities, please contact info@hitchbio.com